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SEED Treatment 
 YEA!® Seed Coating: $2.64 / Acre
 Application rate: 1 fl oz per 70 acres
BUY YEA! Seed Coating

YEA!® Seed Coating Ultra-Pure

Proven to get MORE!

YEA! treated soybean seed

"There's nothing like it. I skipped a year and I regretted it. YEA seed coating works wonders." Nick Cobcroft, owner, HighBank Pastoral Co Australia

Biopesticide Action: YEA!® induces plant systemic resistance - allows plants to defend against pathogens, disease, pests, and the suppression of cyst nematodes & white mold.

Fortifies: YEA!® preserves beneficial microbes promotes friendly microorganisms while bioactivating the seed for rapid growth.

BUY YEA! Seed Coating


 YEA!®  Yield Enhancing Agent

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NASA funded and sponsored

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